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Artist Appreciation Post: Open Mike Eagle

The Latest Playlist: Open Mike Eagle

*Track listing at bottom of post

Check the latest playlist to hear my favorite tracks from one of the most unique emcees over the past 12 years.

Open Mike Eagle has built a successful career on making unconventional rap music. Nobody raps like OME. His authentic personality shines through his music, highlighting both his dry sense of humor and clever takes on social observations. Much of his writing feels like unfiltered but deeply considered journaling that’s often decorated with irony and satire.  

Open Mike Eagle has had a highly productive career to date, releasing solo projects on a yearly basis since 2010. Early in his career he coined the fitting phrase/sub-genre of “Art Rap” in reference to his work.  His full body of work illustrates not only his growth as a musician but as a person, in a way that is more revealing than most. His lyrical content isn’t the only part of his music that is unique. OME continues to sound different. He delivers most of his verses in a smooth mellow tone that comes off conversational or contemplative, at times singing through portions of songs.

To refer to OME as strictly a rapper would be incredibly shortsighted. Open Mike Eagle has developed into not only a versatile musician, but also a prolific entertainer. He does a great deal of podcasting, comedy, and even performs as a wrestler. He recently acquired his own show on BET & Comedy Central titled The New Negroes, in which he and Baron Vaughn host a series of black comedians, capped with music videos of some truly iconic Open Mike Eagle collaborations, including DOOM, Danny Brown, Method Man and more.

Open Mike Eagle has been in my top 5 for 10 years, and none of his releases have disappointed. He doesn’t show any signs of decline in his work, and I continue to look forward to his next projects.

Notable OME Music Videos

Celebrity Reduction Prayer



The Latest Playlist: Open Mike Eagle

Open Mike Eagle – I Rock

Open Mike Eagle – Last Night

Open Mike Eagle – One Day

Open Mike Eagle feat. Gold Panda – Ziggy Starfish (Anxiety Raps)

Open Mike Eagle & Paul White – Smiling (Quirky Race Doc)

Open Mike Eagle & Jeremiah Jae – A History of Modern Dance

Open Mike Eagle feat. Sammus – Hymnal

Open Mike Eagle – Microfiche

Open Mike Eagle – Wtf is Self Care

Open Mike Eagle – The Financial Crisis That Wouldn’t Go Away

Open Mike Eagle feat. P.O.S. – Why Pianos Break

Open Mike Eagle – Qualifiers

Open Mike Eagle – Dark Comedy Late Show

Open Mike Eagle – Apologies

Open Mike Eagle – Rent Party Revolution (Taco Neck Remix)

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